Do I Need An Agent If I am Buying a New Construction Home?


Buyers today do have a great tool and it’s called the Internet.  Many buyers convince themselves that with the help of the internet and some good negotiating skills that they really don’t need an agent to represent them when building a home.   The biggest misconception by most buyers it that they will save money $$ by not using a licensed agent.

The friendly salesperson at the model represents the Builder’s interests exclusively. Many home builders agents in the greater Charlotte market are also licensed real estate agents.  If a builder advertises their home through the local real estate reciprocity system then the stated sales commission is built into the advertised sales price of their homes.  This means even if you choose not to use a real estate agent, you have thereby forfeited fees that would have been paid for your representation to the agent’s firm representing the builder.


You are about to embark on one of the great investments of your lifetime. An investment that could potentially take you 30 years to pay off.  A buyer’s agent is free for the buyer in our area.  Your agent’s job is to provide loyalty, obedience, diligence and care to all aspects of your transaction.  From initial discussion, contract negotiations, mortgage decisions, design center choices, throughout the construction process, home inspections and yes the closing, let a licensed real estate agent guide you through the steps and give you sound advice learned from experience. An agent can potentially represent repeat business for the builder and their new home community.  We can leverage our past transactions and potential future transactions to negotiate a great deal for you and make you aware of potential pit falls and advantages offered by this builder.  It’s usually not what you know but what you don’t know to even ask that gives you remorse. We all do jobs each day we were trained for.  Real Estate Agents are knowledgeable and licensed in their area of expertise and must complete hours of continuing education each year so that we can be kept abreast of changes to real estate law.  Don’t be foolish.  Save the bragging rights when you tell your friends and family about your decision to use your great real estate agent and the thousands of dollars you saved!