Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, The North Myrtle Beach City Council unanimously voted to extend their State of Emergency ordinance which was set to expire on July 12.

The extended state of emergency will be in place for 60 days and will expire on September 6 at 1:30 p.m., unless overturned before the expiration date by city council.

Below are some of the key elements of the declaration:

·         Work with State and other health organizations and agencies, schools and other governmental and private partners.

·         Assist in taking all reasonable actions and precautions to ensure the fullest possible protection and preservation of      life  and property and the continuation, restoration and recovery of essential public services to include providing for isolation and quarantine.

·         Cancel or postpone events, activities, appearances or functions involving group gatherings.

·         Transfer budgeted federal or state grant monies as necessary pursuant to federal/state guidelines.

·         Temporarily suspend attendance requirements for boards, commissions, and committees

·         Temporarily close certain City facilities or portions of facilities.

While this ordinance has been extended please check with the North Myrtle Beach offices for any updates.  http://www.nmb.us/