Prepare To Sell Your House - What To Do Before You List

Are you considering a home sale? Are you ready to list your home? Preparing for a home sale is more than just planting pretty flowers in the front yard.  Not only must you prepare your home for the listing, but you need to prepare yourself as well. There are two essential elements to preparing for a home sale – your home and your lifestyle. 

The Home

Of course, you’ve heard the term “curb appeal.” Curb appeal comes in many forms however and whether you hire a professional stager or not, how your home is presented to buyers is the single biggest factor in how good the offers are. 

First and foremost, before plants and pillows, remove clutter and debris and create a sense of space in both the interior and exterior spaces. Anything unnecessary should be removed; buyers want to imagine themselves in the space. Next, make sure any deferred maintenance is corrected. Check for leaky faucets, squeaky doors, hard to open windows, cracking paint or tile, etc. Show the buyers that you’ve cared for your home. This is more important than the latest paint colors and upgraded countertops. 


Once your home is prepared, it’s time to take a hard look at how a listing will affect you and your family. It’s important to remember that this is a temporary situation and focus on your ultimate goal – moving. Have a family meeting to discuss the need to keep your home in “showing condition” and what this entails. Talk about showing appointments and open houses and have an honest conversation about the impact this will have on your lifestyle. Will you have showing times, how will you all communicate about showing appointments, will there be a lockbox? If there are concerns, this is the time to speak with your Loretta Realty agent about them and determine a plan which suits your needs. 

Listing your home for sale is an exciting time, but balancing the need to showcase your home in pristine condition as well as maintaining your life might be overwhelming. By spending a little time in advance to consider the best way to offer your home to buyers can make selling your home a stress-free experience and result in great offers.